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Avoid Speeding Tickets

Your online guide to Bear Traps (Speed Traps) and Exits for all the Interstate Highways of the United States.  When traveling the Intestate Highway System, check here for driving tips. 
Bears are creatures of habit

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Why you need a Radar Detector

Many drivers with a technical background believe that because of the speed of radar signals, a radar detector just confirms you got a ticket.  That is far from the truth.  In practice, your radar detector tells you that other drivers ahead of your are being measured for speed.  You will know a mile before you reach Bear that you are approaching a speed trap and give you plenty of time to slow down.  Also, don't forget to smile as you get your picture taken.

Another advantage of a Radar Detector is the feedback you get from false signals.  When a radar signal is recorded, the Radar Detector beeps and reminds you to check your speed.  This constant feedback is wonderful for helping you keep your speed under check.

The new "Instant On" radars currently being used by Bear still tells you in advance you are approaching a speed trap as Bear is checking traffic ahead of you.  "Instant On" can still be defeated by a Radar Detector.

The new GPS Radar Detectors are great because they take advantage of the concept "Bears are Creatures of Habit" and remembers where you recorded radar signals in the past.  As you approach those same GPS coordinates, the GPS Radar Detector gives you a warning that you are approaching the same GPS coordinate.

During the last couple years, we have seen local governments foolishly spend their budget surpluses and they are raising the cost of traffic citations to exorbitant rates to keep their budgets work.  $1000 for a speeding ticket is not uncommon and when you add the increase in your car insurance rates, a traffic citation gets very expensive.

Driving today is different from driving just a couple years ago.  State and local governments are increasing their efforts to raise funds by increasing the number of patrol cars working traffic.  Today you need a radar detector to protect your pocket book.

With today's technology, lasers and cameras are being combined to measure your speed and take your picture.  The speeding driver will receive a citation in the mail from an automated bear trap.  For this reason, all vehicles need to be equipped with a laser jamming equipment.

Are Radar Detectors legal?  The law is changing frequently, but the latest we hear is the State of Virginia and the District of Washington DC have made radar detectors illegal in private vehicles.  The Department of Transportation made it illegal to use a radar detector in commercial vehicles about 1995.  However I have used one in a big truck for years.  Just make sure it is unplugged and placed in the sleeper when you enter a chicken coup - weigh station.  If you get caught, they will give you a citation, but Bear will usually not take the Radar Detector away. 

The money saved knowing where the speed traps are located will pay for your Radar Detector every month if you drive a lot of miles.