The BLINDER X-TREME LASER JAMMER is the newest and most effective laser jamming equipment on the market and it employs the fastest digital signal processing technology available in the non-military arena.  When you are hit with a police laser gun, the BLINDER X-TREME LASER JAMMER immediately identifies the type of laser equipment and established a series of infrared pulses in front of your vehicle that disrupts the return of the laser pulses to the laser gun.  The return pulse, if any, is scrambled, and the speed cannot be calculated.  This is the same laser jamming stealth  technology employed in the Iraq theater.  The BLINDER X-TREME LASER JAMMER sets the highest standard for laser defense systems in the automotive market. 

  • Performs extremely well regardless of the climate

  • Detects and jams all types of speed laser traps

  • Detect and jams at all distances in all circumstances>

  • Only responds to actual speed laser traps (no false alarms)

IMPORTANT NEWS! Lasers and cameras are now being installed on highways to catch speeders and mail them speeding citations.  It is the newest revenue generating trend in the Governments toolbox to support their deficit spending ways.   The Blinder Laser Jammer will protect you from speeding citations in most cases.

There are two models of the BLINDER X-TREME LASER JAMMER.
The M27 includes 2 Laser Transceivers for the front of the vehicle.  $349.99
The M47 includes 4 Laser Transceivers for use on large trucks and RVs.   $599.99
The M47 can also place 2 transceivers on the front and 2 on the rear of a car, van or SUV.

The Laser Transceivers are mounted in the grill or spoiler of the vehicle and/or the rear of a vehicle.

GUARANTEE - Blinder Laser Jammer is so confident in their product they will pay your lasergun speeding tickets in the first year after you install the M27 or M47 X-TREME LASER JAMMER.

Note. This equipment does not provide protection from radar speed trap equipment.  A Radar Detector is still recommended in addition to the BLINDER X-TREME LASER JAMMER.

Are Laser Jammers legal?


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