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Avoid Speeding Tickets

Your online guide to Bear Traps (Speed Traps) and Exits for all the Interstate Highways of the United States.  When traveling the Intestate Highway System, check here for driving tips. 
Bears are creatures of habit

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Reported December 28, 2006 by David
Confirmed February 12 2007 by Dana

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Interstate 49 in Liousiana, Mile Marker 25 near Washington, LA.

David reports: "At Exit 25, local extortionist- er, cop, stands behind a slight rise, unseen by northbound traffic. He jumped out in the road in front of me and waved me over. $135 for doing 7 over is ridiculous!!."  Bears are creatures of habit.

Dana reports: "They will get you on both sides but typically they sit just over an overpass and clock you when your car would be speeding up because of the downhill side in the northbound lane. I know this and travel this route twice a week. Even though, I let my guard down and got a ticket yesterday. They are ruthless. Everytime I pass here they have someone pulled over." Bears are creatures of habit.

There are specific "Situations" where you can find bears because they are creatures of habit.  Read my book Bear Traps On The Interstate and learn Bears tricks

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